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A bright sports person many a times fail to show its talent and mettle in various sports events due to lack of resources , support system and proper traning .These contraint does not allow talent of sports person to shine , though they are equally potential persons . Tathastu Bhava sponsors such sports persons to showcase their talent in important sports event.

Education and Competitive Exams

Many young boys and girls could not qualify competitive exams in the absence of proper guidance, coaching and resources, regardless of having impressive educational records. Therefore, Tathastu Bhava supports these young boys and girls to accomplish their educational goals. Our main objective is to promote education, especially girl education.

Science , Technology and Medicine

A bright and talented science, technology and medicine graduate fail to attend degree courses and specialists courses in the absence of proper arrangements of sponsorship for these courses. Therefor to give opportunity and resources to such a talent , We sponsors them.

Art and Culture

A bright and talented artist sometimes fail to show their talent due to constraint of resources for their training , suitable platform , proper guidance and coaching. Therefore to give opportunity and platform to such a talent , Tathastu Bhava sponsors potential bright and talented artists to participate in the vents/activities.

Support in Enterprenuerships Ventures

Many young boys and girls have entrepreneurship ideas , energy and competencies.However same could not be materialised due to lack of guidance , mentoring , support and resources. Therefore , Tathastu Bhava supports young boys and girls in their entrepreneurship ventures.

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