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Your Change Can Make a Change

Corporate charity is not new to India. This voluntary action of the companies, though, is now merged with an obligatory requirement. We are elated that many corporate organisations have stepped up to contribute back to the society. While taking note that Corporate Social Responsibility goes beyond voluntarism and philanthropy, we request you to take part in this initiative by supporting us financially. Your contribution will bring us closer to our goal of educating these financially deprived children.

In return for your generosity, your firm will figure in our posters, banners and brochures.

CSR undertakings not only benefit the society and underprivileged sections but also, reaps benefits for a corporate itself and its employees.

  • It shapes a brand profile for the company and aids to maintain trust between the company and its clients.
  • Helps to safeguard a positive image.
  • Keeps the employees enthused through active volunteering participation and spreads community mindedness.
  • Inspires the businesses to act morally and to consider the social and environmental impacts of their business on the society.
  • Meet Corporate Social Responsibility objectives.

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