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Don’t Delay Give Today

Since its commencement, Tathastu Bhava has touched the lives of special needs individuals. Children from economically deprived sections of society are provided services free of cost. There are many children and families who require interferences in different aspects of life.

To empower Tathastu Bhava to continue to magnify its programmes of special education and vocational training for the special needs whose number is still large in and around the city and much larger in the villages and other parts of the country, it is respectfully requested to kindly donate bigheartedly for the noble cause.

Every donation made by you either in cash or kind will lead us a step forward on the path destined to reach our aim.

Donations are exempted under section 80-G of the income tax act 1961. This exemption does not apply to foreign contributions. Donations are accepted in Cash, Cheque or NEFT/ Wire transfer. We accept foreign donations too.

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