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Tathastu Bhava – A way to give back to community 🗓

An effective way to purify our heart is to give more than what we take. A heart purified is the one that can make impact for neediest and grievous. Leaders are always net givers. By expanding the team, Tathasthu Bhava is not only creating impact in society but also generating hundreds of leaders.

By associating with Tathastu Bhava, one can contribute to and lead in diverse fields like

Sports- Imagine the feeling that collective granular efforts of tens of people can have on a child residing in a slum to showcase his talent to Millions. The idea behind us organising “Sports Drive” for slum children is to give them a platform, to instil self confidence, to raise health indicators, to widen their scope of thinking and to foster the feeling of team work, cooperation and synergy.

Education- Who would not like to be a part of a team that consistently works to uplift the maturity of a society. As a sub- aim , we also help women getting education and skills in sectors as demanding as ICT. We are working hard in the direction of African proverb – “ if you educate a woman, you educate the entire generation.”

Immediate relief packages write the distribution of 19 lakh food packets during the covid-19 pandem corroborate the passion which which the organisation has to serve Millions. In that past, we had also
Run a cloth donation drive for the needy.

Not only sports, education and supplies help, another cause chased by us is to nourish nature so that we all collectively cherish it. Our work done in Udaipur as Plantation drive gives people aesthetic pleasure, collective energy stimulation and freshness for respiratory needs.

If you are an artist what can make you more happier then to realise the fact that you have passed on your artistic ability to the next generation and then to next generation. Card making competition was another event where skills of diverse children were enhanced

Tathastu Bhava also helps enhance the leadership qualities involuntary by making use of resources efficiently and effectively and forging a bond trust and love does getting synergistic advantages

It is said that social capital is the greatest capital that society can get on process progression each one of us by delivering value to the society invisibility can multiply this capital which intern can make our society as a world leader
We can live the slogan- you are blessed, now bless others

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