ASSOCIATE WITH US : Talk to your friends and family about Tathastu Bhava, its working, people we wish to work for, changes we want to see in our people, society and country as a whole. Spread the message as much as possible. Any kind of contribution can lead to connect us to more and more, and moreover, right kind of people we are looking for.


We need socially inclined people with varied skills and resources to help our work and society grow.

Join us as a Volunteer and contribute your time, effort and resources in the best way you can, for the betterment of the society. Help us grow and reach various networks like schools, colleges, clubs, residential societies or other NGOs.

Become a Member

Join Tathastu Bhava as a member and help it grow fast. Be an active member of the NGO and assist in identifying various problems of the society and viable solutions for the same.



Some people have the financial capability to help the needy but don’t have time to do so, thus, if you want to help the society, you can still do so by helping those who are ready to give their time for the same purpose. Donate generously and help us achieve our goals faster and more effectively.

List of Donors

  1. Surendra Kumar Lunia
  2. Deepak Jain
  3. Mr Amit Jain
  4.  Mr  Saurabh Patil
  5. Mr Asha Ram
  6.  Ms  Priyanka Jain
  7. Ms Gauri Jain
  8.  Mr Pawan Kothari
  9.  Mr Prasanna Kumar Sethia
  10.   Smt. Kanchan Devi Jain
  11.   Oswal Castings Pvt. Ltd.
  12.  Basant Kumar Khicha
  13. Indcap Advisors Pvt. Ltd.
  14. Rajesh Bhatnagar
  15. Parmesh Finlease Ltd.
  16. Arizona Global Pvt. Ltd.
  17. Kothari Fermentation & Biochem Ltd.
  18. Heera Lal Jain
  19. Sonia Dugar
  20. Swift Securitas
  21. Sanjay Jain
  22. Exmart International Pvt. Ltd.
  23. Saroj Baid
  24. Parmesh Finlease Ltd.
  25. Sushila Jain
  26. Ritu Jain
  27. Sanjay Jain
  28. Surender Kumar Baid

CSR Association

Fulfil your CSR obligations by helping the right people through the right channel. We request companies to sponsor our big projects under their CSR activities and help us make the change we wish to see in our people, society and nation