Chunna Bhatti in Kirti Nagar Delhi projuct report 2020-21

Tathastu Bhava post lockdown, resumes its service of conducting education camps in the Slum area of Chunna Bhatti in Kirti Nagar Delhi.

It has been now more than three years of continued support of education and development to around 65 underprivileged children living in Chunna Bhatti area through running various education camps and by also supporting the school education of the individuals in this group exhibiting the learning curve and interest in completing the education.

Dance Program

Tathastu bhava, following its motto of talent promotion organized a talent hunt event in dancing and compering wherein the participants showcased their talent through their performances. Various groups and solo participants were there. Best performances were rewarded with pre-decided prizes and complementary future coaching or guidance required to enhance their talent further. Tathastu Bhava always encourage good dancers and is always willing to help those in need.

Children preparing for Holi Festival to be held by the organization on 18th March in the Slum area Chunna Bhatti in Kirti Nagar Delhi.

Chunna Bhatti in Kirti Nagar

Generally various competitions like drawing, singing, dancing etc are organized throughout the year, usually on festive occasions. This year due to corona it was only dance program organized during Holi, once the lockdown was removed. The children did wonderful performances and the day was filled with full of enthusiasm and happiness.

The volunteers were awarded with certificates by the Tathastu Bhava chairman for their invaluable contribution in teaching dance to the slum area kids and organizing the dance event.

Chunna Bhatti in Kirti Nagar

Moral education

Moral education imparted in underprivileged kids of a slum area in chunna bhatti area. Apart from regular educational activities, moral education and recreational activities are given due concern and conducted at regular intervals, which helps in overall development of a child.

There are 65 odd kids living in Chunna Bhatti, Kirti Nagar who are being provided elementary education on a regular basis. Such educational support provided by Tathastu Bhava volunteers is of great help to them, because some of them don’t even go to school and none of them can afford tuitions as well. Festive celebrations, drawing competitions, games sessions etc. are also conducted their time to time resulting in their mental as well physical growth.

Chunna Bhatti in Kirti Nagar


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