Fitness and Health Week 2021-22

Fitness and Health Week : Being fit and healthy is taking good care of mind and body. A healthy mind resides only in a healthy body and in order to gain wholesome health, we organized a fitness and health week from June 17, 2021 to June 21, 2021. First day of that week was celebrated as ‘Health for All’ in this. Dr. Mrunal Kamat talked about healthy diets, habits, exercise regime and how a person can stay healthy with some awareness.

Second day of that week was for Sampoorna Yoga. Because practicing regular yoga has great benefits in keeping our bodies physically and mentally fit. Yoga helps to increase concentration power, and boost immune system. The event began with a brief introduction on yoga by Mrs. Radhika Kemkar and Mrs. Shubhangi Dahade. Warm-up exercises were taken and all the people practiced and performed sitting and standing asanas, importance of these asanas were explained simultaneously.

The celebration concluded with the speech of our Chairman Jitendra Kothari. He encouraged people to practice regular yoga to remain fit and improve concentration.

Fitness and Health Week

The day of meditation

Third day of fitness and health week was the day of meditation. We’re aware that meditation is a way to calm our overworked nervous system and lessen the constant river of mental activity we all suffer from. In this way we are able to explore our inner selves. So we include meditation in this fitness and health week activity. Our guest of honour for meditation event was Mrs. Jyoti Sangli. She explained the right way of meditating and benefits of meditation.

The day of sound healing

June 20, 2021- fourth day of fitness and health week, the day of sound healing. Sound healing is a powerful therapy that combines different healing sounds, music and sound healing instruments to improve our multidimensional wellbeing by creating a beautiful experience where all layers of our luminous energy field, ie, body, mind, soul, spirit are awakened gently and lovingly.

Integral sound healing is highly effective at triggering our relaxation response, which counters the many symptoms caused by chronic stress, while helping to balance our whole being. For this event we invited Mrs. Vaijayanti Majumdar. She explained about sound healing process and its benefits and practiced it very well.

The day was dedicated to Sahaj Yoga

21 June, 2021- fifth day of fitness and health week, the day was dedicated to Sahaj Yoga. Sahaj yoga is a unique method of meditation based on an experience called the self-realization, that can occur within each human being. For this Sahaj Yoga event, Tathastu Bhava invited Mrs. Manisha Aherraa. She told all the people about Sahaj Yoga in a perfect manner. She talked about the benefits of Sahaj Yoga. Through these processes, an inner transformation took place by which every person felt morally united, integrated and balanced. After that the celebration concluded with the speech of our Chairman Jitendra Kothari. He encouraged people to practice yoga and meditation to remain fit and healthy.

Fitness and Health Week

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