Cricket training and Strength building workshop

Cricket is the most popular, played and watched sport in India. Every city, town and village has thousands of children who play this sport and hundreds of them are so passionate about it that they want to make it their career. However, in order to make one’s career in cricket, apart from hard work and some good luck, it takes a lot of training and other resources too.  A proper platform, professional coaching and a complete cricket kit is also required.

Tathastu Bhava wishes to provide the required platform and resources to the deserving players, those who belong to underprivileged families but are very good at playing cricket and wish to play further for their city, state or country. In the past as well Tathastu Bhava supported some state level cricket players with their Pilates training and strength building workshop conducted in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand.

Cricket training, Strength building workshop

Various cricket tournaments are organised in different states of India like Haryana, Rajasthan and Delhi, it is these tournaments, inter-school and inter-college competitions where player with excellent cricketing skills can be identified. A passionate player has to be identified and provided better playing and training opportunities. Training through a certified cricket coach or enrollment in a cricket academy depends upon the current and required skills of the player.


Education-cum-Talent Promotion Activity

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